IN our nine years of publishing InterestEng., it’s been nothing if not a continual harvest of learning and ideas. You’ll see that this issue is a rich bounty of stories from this summer as well as a celebration of many years’ harvests, as this will be our last harvest . . . for now.      
     The world has changed greatly in nine years and we’re needing to find a new way forward. We’ve met with the closing of several village schools we used to work with, the need to be more mindful of the safety of our writers, and the need to give a bit of space to writers in countries where events make it hard for them to find reasons to write right now.          

     InterestEng., as a result, will pause in publishing new stories, but remain on the internet, with all our archived stories, until June 2023. Our hope is to find a new way of sharing our writers’ stories. We are imagining a newsletter sent to your email boxes (InterestEng.Too), rather than the more visible platform of a website. It would enable us to resume using authors’ names and delightful photos, and still enable you to share stories.
deeply committed to the idea of our world being able to share its best and have access to its best. So we’ll be back. You can count on it—as much as the bright fluttering wings of spring’s  singing birds.
     Until then, there are no words to express our thanks for your support over these past 9 years. We hope and trust you’ve carried off a little of our harvests in your hearts.                                                                               
                                                     With sincere gratitude,

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Could you repeat that?


There’s always a way forward if we’re willing
to change our map.

2 BETTER WITH BEN: a summer school for girls in Afghanistan


4  Getting the world on the right bus




7 Eleven countries, twenty memorable stories


8 The Starik of the mountains

Kavkaz starik
InterestEng. photo

Till we meet again.

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