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We’re happy to have another story from The Gentle Youth. He was asked by his English tutor to write a story with a surprise in it.  

THERE is a restaurant in our town and for 2 years I have been going there every day. They know me because I only go to their restaurant. 

    I visit their restaurant two times a day: before my work and after my work, in the morning and afternoon. A few days ago I went to the restaurant.  I ate a burger in the morning and in the afternoon I ate a pizza as always. But in the afternoon I forgot to pay and I decided I would just pay my bill the next day. 

     That day, however, on my way home, I saw my friends. I decided to invite them to the restaurant for a pizza and I could also pay my bill. When I got to the restaurant the owner said, “Your twin brother didn’t pay for his pizza today!”  

     I laughed a lot and said, “I don’t have a twin brother! I just like to eat a lot! I forgot to pay for my meal, but here is the money.”      

     The restaurant owner laughed because for 2 years he thought I had a twin brother. He didn’t think one boy could eat so much every day. So he said, “Congratulations!  Today I will pay for your pizza!”  —The Gentle Youth

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