U is for Unforgettable, Unstoppable, Undettered:
a unique summer in Ukraine

This summer InterestEng. was able to take part in a summer program for high school students in Ukraine. Here we share the fruits of a couple of the classes with you.


One of the classes read the classic children’s story, The Blue Umbrella, by Ruskin Bond. Before reading the last chapter, students were asked to write their own ending first.  

RAM Barosa [the story’s villain] stood in shock in his dark as his soul shop with the little blue umbrella in his hand as Binya [the little heroine] went off under the large blue sky. Now she had more big than just this little umbrella, she had a small, but at the same time, really big and kind heart. 

     Everyone went to tell Binya that Ram Barosa stole her umbrella, but they all heard the same answer from her. “Oh, no, I know that he has the umbrella and it’s okey. I gave it to him!” every time answers Binya. And everyone every time was shocked!  They said, “How could you give your so much loved umbrella to this cruel man!?” 

    But Binya now knows that the whole world does not spin around a small blue umbrella. She knows that there are a hundred and even a thousand of other beautiful things that are important: like the spirit of the mountains, walking with her good cows, toffees, and other wonderful things.

     One day Ram Barosa was again sitting alone with umbrella in his shop. He was looking at the blue little umbrella, and crying. “Oh, Binya forgive me please…”  He understood how awful he was to this little girl and her brother. And suddenly he felt his heart become two times bigger. He felt kindness and understanding. He was really ashamed about everything that he did and proud that he now realized how rude he was before. 

     Months later.

     A cold winter came to the little town but no one was cold because of the kindness and peacefulness they gave each other. Everyone was happy and waiting for Christmas! They all went to Ram Barosa’s shop to have Christmas with him!  

     How could such a little girl with a small umbrella change such big and hard things?  With the small miracle of a small girl with a big heart.

Read The Blue Umbrella here.


Another of our students shares his thoughts about one of his favorite books. 

WHY should everyone read Animal Farm? I had heard a lot about this book written by George Orwell. I wanted to read it for a long time but I couldn’t find it in Ukrainian. My mother and father recommended it to me. Our whole family loves to read and my parents encourage my sister and me to read the best books.

     When I was finally able to read it I was amazed. I couldn’t stop reading! Starting was nice but when you read until the middle you will be really pleased. Some people say that things that are going on in the story are similar to the Russian Revolution of 1917. I agree, but it’s not an historical novel. It isn’t boring. It shows very plainly how freedom can be lost and people left to live like slaves. It shows how degradation can overtake a nation.  

     This book was banned in USSR and many other countries. They were afraid of people being free. But as my father says, “Everyone who’s read it is armed,” because after reading this book you will understand freedom so no one can take it from you. The book is a lesson. The story happened to animals, but it is about people you quickly actually see. But we can prevent this degradation in the future. That’s why people should read this book. Maybe not once.   



A student in class three used English to learn how to write difficult scientific concepts in words that children could under- stand. The simple, yet beautiful, lessons are being eagerly used by our Afghan students.  
     Click @lex’s logo below to go to his wonderful site:

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The fourth class used English to share their wonderful stories of hiking and a common humanity found all over the world.

A Story About Goats and Sheep.

WHEN my hiking group hiked in Georgia, we met many shepherds. Once a shepherd came to our team to give us help. (But we knew the way over the mountain.) He spoke only Georgian. After speaking I gave him a candy. He make very smiled face, like a big gift. I very remember his face. 



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