Tomos Brangwyn

Photo courtesy Chia

Keep your fingers crossed:  Hope that everything will be O.K.

I just need to get a foot in the door: If I can just start work, even a beginning job, with a company or group, then I will be able to progress.

I’ve got goose bumps!:  Something really moves you. Something makes  you have lots of wonderful feelings.

Could you please give me a hand?:  Could you please help me?

Are you pulling my leg?!:  Are you trying to trick me? [make me believe something that is not true.]

Let’s play it by ear:  We won’t make a plan; we’ll decide what to do later when we see how other things work out.

It’s on the tip of my tongue:  You say this when you can’t quite remember something. You’re close to remembering, but can’t quite remember.

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