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GRAMMAR LESSONS. by the University of Victoria. Excellent Beginner to Advanced lessons.

ELLO.  An excellent site with recorded short stories using English speakers from all over the world.

BBC NEWS. Real news stories adapted for ELL with excellent mini quizzes.

SCRIBENDI.  Grammar made interesting.

STARFALL.  Wonderful site for young beginners!

STORY BOOKS.  Wonderful short stories for young beginners.

STUDY ZONE.  An excellent source of grammar, reading and vocabulary lessons and exercises for beginner to advanced students. The site also includes puzzles. The site is published by the University of Victoria, Canada.

ENGLISH IN A MINUTE. This site has a new one minute video each week, using an idiom or common figure of speech as the basis of each lesson. Text appears on the screen so the learner can stop the video and repeat each phrase. Older students have loved this site!

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