Because they are talented

Photo: courtesy Morgan Sessions


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.    MAHATMA GANDHI


We are so pleased to welcome Khadija as our newest writer. She is 16 and a student at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan. But as you will see from her story, she is much more than a student trying to get good grades.

I AM a girl who always tries her best for her country and for her people. I want to help my people because they are talented. I am trying my best to reach this dream. It doesn’t matter to me if people think I am not competent or if I can’t solve all my math questions in my book. The thing that matters is that I am one who wants to be the change that I want to see in the world.*

     I have a small family: my mom, my sister and my two little brothers. From the time my father died five years ago, I felt I needed to be strong and take care of my family and my siblings. I try very hard to do a good job. I learn lots of things and use what I learn to help my siblings. They are so talented. My two brothers are very interested in learning English and computer. They both have big dreams and goals. My sister wants to be talented like my brothers. I really want to help her. I really want to show her that people are not just caring about those with high scores. They also care about hearts, talent, and hard work. I want her to see that and have hope.  Khadija

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