Poems and courage


Photo courtesy Zamzama


This story comes from one of our newer writers.  Zamzama is from Afghanistan and is a student at SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan. She is president of the school’s Engineering Club.

OCTOBER 11th is International Day of the Girl. We wore our most beautiful clothes. The clothes we wore were our national clothes. Our clothes are from our provinces. For many years women are wearing these kind of clothes. My clothes were first my mother’s clothes when she was young. She gave them to me to wear to special parties. 

     My mother had two beautiful outfits. She gave me one and my sister one. The one she gave me was made by my grandmother for my mother when she was a girl. The clothes my mother gave my sister were from my mother’s wedding party. 

     To celebrate the International Day of the Girl we had different foods, snacks and cake. We read poems about girls. The poems were written by our SOLA girls who are members of our Poetry Club. They were so beautiful. Then we sang songs in English about girls. They were songs about having courage and lifting our voices up.  Zamzama

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