The continuing saga of the golden egg . . .




Back in October, one of our avid writers, Pelagaeya, translated an old Russian fairy tale for us . . . two times.  It is an old tale still loved today for its cleverness. The tale is told first as, The Weather was Awful but the Princess was Wonderful—and then retold with key elements made into opposites. (The Princess was Awful but the Weather was Wonderful.)  Then Pelagaeya herself tried rewriting a story about a goose that lays a golden egg. 
     After reading Pelagaeya's story, another of our young students, Mashal, from Afghanistan put his own very thoughtful conclusion on the golden egg story.  Please note that Mashal worked more than two months to write this! 

[A rich man learns of the golden egg and comes to the house of Grandfather and Grandmother.]  
     The rich man asked Grandfather, “Do you have some way to make golden eggs? Do you have a chicken that lays golden eggs? 

Grandfather said, “No! It is not possible.”  Grandfather said this because the rich man looked like a dangerous man. Grandfather remembered that once their chicken hatched a golden egg, but Grandfather was afraid to tell the rich man this.  He did not want to lose their chicken because they loved her.

Then the rich man said, “I don’t want to take your chicken from you! Just tell me do you have a chicken or no?”  Grandmother said, “Yes” at the same time that Grandfather loudly said, “NO! We don’t have any chicken! Get out of our house!”  

The rich man answered, “Do not scream so loudly! Do not be afraid of me and do not argue with me! One minute your wife says yes we have a chicken and then you say no! Don’t lie to me! I can kill you and find the chicken!”  

Grandfather and Grandmother were very, very scared!  Then the rich man turned and said to Grandfather, “Show me the chicken or I will kill you and find the chicken myself! With a sad voice Grandfather said, “Is what you’re doing good? My dear, beautiful son of Afghanistan, is it right for you to take our chicken? It’s our only source of food! We can’t work anymore. That chicken is our only source of food and you want take that from us?  You think that is okay?” 

With these words the heart of the rich man became soft! He said, “Yes, you are right. It's not okay. So I will give you much money for the chicken! With the money I give you, you can buy several chickens! I only want one chicken, the chicken you have!” 

Grandfather said many times that their chicken was just a normal chicken and the man would waste his money to buy her. But the rich man would not listen.  Finally they agreed and the rich man gave Grandfather much money for the chicken.  Then the rich man took the chicken and went on his way and Grandfather and Grandmother made a new life with their money.

Then many years passed!  The rich man discovered that the chicken could hatch just one golden egg each year. And so the rich man was not rich like he was in the past because he had given Grandfather all his money to buy the chicken. But Grandfather and Grandmother were, for the first time in their lives, rich because they made a big chicken farm and they were together happy, comfortable, and rich.

So we learn from this story that Grandfather and Grandmother were satisfied to have just a chicken but became rich. But the rich man, because he was dissatisfied with life and always wanted more, lost his wealth and became poor. —Mashal

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