A New York Moment

I love New York because it never stops. It’s so alive. People are always going, going, going. . . .  They rush by you like a river. And they are always thinking. You see it in their faces. It’s very interesting. There are “moments” I see in New York that I really love, and that’s what I’d like to share with you.  — Annette


IT WAS ONLY my second time in the metro in New York.  I saw a moment that was very kind in my opinion. I was walking down the stairs to the trains and saw a woman with a huge bag. It was really hard for her to get it down the steps. Nobody was helping her so I decided to try to help her. But at that moment a young boy saw her and took her bag and carried it to the bottom for her. It was nice. I’m glad he did it because people don’t always take the time to think about others today. I was glad to see it happen. I hope other people saw it too. You feel better afterwards. (Annette’s native language is Ukrainian.[photo: Annette]

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