A New York Moment(2)

I love New York because it never stops. It’s so alive. People are always going, going, going. . . .  They rush by you like a river. And they are always thinking. You see it in their faces. It’s very interesting. Each month I’d like to share some New York moments with you.  — Annette

Metropolitan Opera House


Photo: Paul Masck. Wikipedia. Free use. 

Trojan horse

Public domain. Artist: Domenico Tiepolo

ONE NIGHT last December my family went to the Metropolitan Opera. We saw a French opera called “The Trojans” (Les Troyens). It was written for people who really love opera: it’s five hours long! I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch an opera for five hours. But the experience was incredible. At times it seemed like there were thousands of people on stage. The opera is from a famous story about the Trojans. A huge wooden horse, filled with Greek soldiers, is pulled into the city of Troy. The Trojan people don’t know that the horse is a trap. When the horse is inside the city, the soliders come out and destroy the city. 

     What was really cool is that in front of every seat, there is a small computer screen with the words in French, English, and Spanish. Also, the costumes were beautiful. They were wonderfully decorated. What made it even more special for my family is that the costume director is a friend of our family. He told us that all the costumes were sewn by hand and that some of the costumes were sewn with golden thread—real golden thread! The costumes are very expensive and there are hundreds of them. And that’s just one opera!  

     The opera has two or three intermissions (breaks). To me the breaks were as interesting as the opera. I loved looking at all the beautifully dressed people. We stayed almost three hours. The weather was awful. It was snowing hard and so we needed to leave. Really.  (Here’s a scene from the opera. Click below.)

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