A N.Y. Moment (6)

 I love New York. It never stops. It’s so alive. ANY moment can be special. Each month I’d like to share some NY moments with you. Thank you for reading them.

A FUNNY thing happened at Christmas time. My mother and I decided to go to Manhattan to see the decorations and do some shopping. We took the subway. We had a great time, but it became really cold and we decided to go home.  


     That’s when our adventure started. We were looking for a station where trains B and G ran. We found one station that we thought was right . . . until we spent 40 minutes waiting for our train. Then we understood that the B and G trains didn’t go to this station. So we went back outside to look for another station. We found another station, but this station also didn’t have the trains we needed. We were so tired of waiting that we decided to see what would happen if we took any train. The result was, we spent two hours riding the wrong way! We didn’t recognize even one of the places the train stopped!

     My mom started to worry because there was no service on our phone and the battery was low. We were the only people in the whole train. When we got to the very last stop, we saw our G train on the other side. We ran across to it as fast as we could!  We were so afraid it would leave without us. When we got on and sat down, we were so happy. We didn’t exactly laugh, but at least we were happier than we were! When we finally reached our station, my father was waiting for us. When we told him what happened, we all started to laugh. I love adventures, especially when they are over. — Annette

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