A N.Y. Moment (8)



Photos courtesy Annette


 Annette’s native languages are Ukrainian and Russian. She has lived in the U.S. 2 years. Thanks to her, we have stories from one of our readers’ favorite places  on earth!  

I love New York.  It never stops.  It’s so alive.  ANY moment can be special.  Each month I’d like to share some New York moments with you. Thank you for reading my stories.  

IF you have already spent some time in New York city and visited all the famous places, then you should definitely think about going to Chelsea Market and Highline. These places aren’t well-known to tourists, but people who live here know them. Chelsea Market used to be a meat factory in 1960s and so this area is called the meat packing district. Chelsea Market has not changed inside. It looks like a very cool, old factory, but with modern stores, shops and different decorations like paintings and metal sculptures. There are even huge sculptures of cartoon characters made of candy. It’s so interesting to walk around and look at all the unusual and beautiful things. There are always a lot of young people. Students go there with their friends to have a good time. 

     After shopping at Chelsea Market, you can visit what is called the Highline. It’s a walking road, like a bridge, that runs above the highway. It is really the old railway road, because the railway used to run here to deliver meat to the market.  Now, where the old tracks are, there are trees and grass, and benches and places to relax. 

     I hope you will come and visit it some time!  —Annette


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