Do you speak “Feet”?


Music: Garry Schyman § Lyrics: Alicia Lemke and Matt Harding § Main dancer: Matt Harding

Here is an exceptional [really great] video made by an exceptional person. It’s so simple to watch but it is so hard to make. I think many people dream of traveling around the world. Matt Harding is one of those people who realized his dream. But everything isn’t so simple. He is not just traveling the world. He is making a holiday around himself. He gives happiness to other people when he travels. He is dancing and everyone dances with him. This video shows us that it doesn’t matter [it’s not important] where you are from and who you are. What is important is that we are humans. We become a whole when we do something together. 

     So if you think that traveling the world and finding a common language with other people is impossible, just watch this video. You may be surprised!

— Ilnara is our film critic (Native language, Russian.)


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