The fight to save everyone

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The 27 man crew of the Endurance.


Playing soccer to keep their spirits up.


Sailing to find help.


Help arrives. Everyone is saved.

Ernest Shackleton was an adventurer. He loved ships. He loved to sail. I think he was a brave man. He tried to do something no one did: he tried to walk across the South Pole. He did not succeed. But I think there is something more important. He saved all his men. 

     His ship was called the Endurance. It was like a friend to Ernest Shackleton. It helped him through many difficulties. But finally, the ice in the ocean became too thick and the ship could not move. Shackleton and his men had to wait on the boat until spring. But when spring came and the ice started to melt, huge pieces of ice crushed the ship. It sank. The day the ship sank the men had been away from home 350 days. 

     For two months after that, they lived on a huge piece of ice they hoped was floating toward land. Shackleton was a strong man because he was never sad in front of his men. He always made them believe they would save themselves and get home. They helped each other. They kept learning new things.  They worked hard.  Sometimes they played soccer to stay happy, or they told each other funny stories. One time they cut off their hair to look like prisoners and make themselves laugh.  

     Then their ice island began to break up. The men rowed in two small boats for five days without resting to a real island. When they reached the island they still were in trouble. No one lived there. Shackleton and his four strongest men sailed to another island 800 miles away to get help. Fifteen days later, they reached a place called South Georgia Island but they couldn’t get to land because of a hurricane! They had to wait in their small boat, hoping it would not tip over. When they finally landed, the one town on the island was on the other side! For almost 36 hours they walked 32 miles (51 km) over mountains, without sleeping, and made it to the town and found help. Shackleton went back with help and saved all his men. After 635 days away from home, everyone was saved. 

     When we are in difficult situations we should be brave and find a way to succeed. To save everyone we have to know how to work with others. We have to keep trying. We should never give up.  This is what this story taught me.

Yuqi and Mrs. Chips

    Yuqi’s native language is Chinese. He is in 10th grade and has been studying English in America almost one year. He began studying English in China starting in the 2nd grade.


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