Warmth on a cold night

        From a new reader—

I MADE another visit to InterestEng. tonight. There is ice and frozen snow outside my window, and at times it seems that there is a frozenness of heart that would take over in our times. These stories act like a fire in a fireplace! I want to stand in front of them and feel the message warm me with hope. Each story leaps and flashes like flames. They light me with their insights. They make me remember that wisdom is a fuel that everyone has been given to express with grace, kindness, and power. It is not consumed as it burns, is shared. Now that I think of it, the stories are more like the burning bush in the Bible than a fireplace, actually.  

     Thank you for the gift of helping these precious writers!  These stories are worth almost more in what they teach us than they are in what they show of what the learners have learned of English. —Carolyn


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