All those paper bags!

 One of this month’s theme stories

Rainbow bags

Photo: Maria Candido

IN BRAZIL, everything is colorful—including paper bags! Some days ago, cleaning my bedroom, I spotted [saw] many paper bags in different sizes and colors. They were all very nice—but useless. They were waiting for some purpose; to be used perhaps when I lend someone a book, a CD or a DVD. I can’t deny that it is wonderful walking down the street with a colorful paper bag on my arm. They are usually nicer, fancier, and even more stylish than what is inside. But their journey is short. It is not more than an hour from the stores to my home. I know that these paper bags mean a high price for Mother Nature. I have lived enough to understand that I must be more respectful of her. So from now on I will try my best, when I buy a simple T-shirt, lotion, or book, to put it in my handbag. No more paper bags! No matter how beautiful they are.  — Maria

     Maria is from sunny Brazil. Her native language is Portuguese. She has been studying English thirty years and has, for a long time, been teaching English to school students.


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