“Seeds of freedom” 

In recent times (and surprisingly unnoticed) food has become a business owned by a very few.        Those who own the seeds, own the farmers—and our food. 


Screenshot from “Seeds of Freedom” 

              By Maria. Maria is an English teacher in Brazil.  

     FROM watching this video [below] I now realize there is kind of manipulation of the seed business and it is becoming very hard, especially for poor farmers, to produce food. As it often happens today, the interest of a small group hurts the interest of many. If we look at it carefully we see that it is greed—it is again the old human being to blame. Despite all advancements we have reached on earth there is still greed to get the most for yourself. Yet, a seed is so small, so powerful, and so generous. Left uncontrolled by greed, it is enough to feed all of us.

     However the real question is, what lies behind all this uncured greed?  Fear? Perhaps. These people are not able to say, “This is enough! We don’t need more.” There is also this question. Why don’t we feel secure when we already have so much? 

     We need a doctor once a year, maybe. A dentist once a year, too. A lawyer, sometimes. But we need farmers every day. Not once, but three times a day, at least! 


We think you’ll be glad you took the time to watch this film. —The Editors


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