When companies care

    By Maria.  Maria is a full time English teacher in Brazil. Her native language is Portuguese. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Photo: courtesy, Gloria Powell


InterestEng. asked Maria to comment on the video below from Brazil where workers’ rights have been taken to amazing, new levels.

THE situation presented in the video [below] is not very common in the world at the moment. But in a future not distant it will be a reality, I think. 

     First let me tell you that things are messy here like everywhere else. In general, especially in northern and western areas, public organizations, as well as the government, are not really working at a high level for their workers. In the south, where I live, things go better—especially in private companies where there is much organization. In foreign companies, in particular, there is much efficiency, discipline, commitment and responsibility toward workers. You could say that these foreign companies are even like good schools, and even much better than college courses. I learned a lot when I worked in a company many years ago. As in the video here, my daughter Natália works from home sometimes.

     Why, you might wonder, are the private companies so competent in Brazil? Mainly because they pay very high taxes to the government, so it is important to have good profits or the business will fail. They must have accurate control of the way they work. They give much training to their staff. To have excellent conditions for their workers is very important, as well as to give them some freedoms. To succeed, a good company in Brazil also needs to have a good product to sell in the global market. So without finding new, better ways to run their companies and care for employees they could not hope to succeed. 

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