But beyond compassion . . .



     “People came crying and we went close to them and asked if they needed anything. They hugged me and they said thank you. We hugged them back and we said it is going to be fine, we will help you.” 

—Resident of Lesvos, Greece

     Yuqi is now a busy senior in high school. He has been living in America just four years. His native language is Chinese. He has been writing for InterestEng. for two years now.

THE thousands of life jackets shown in this video are shocking. I thought, “How can 300,000 refugees be welcomed in a small village with only 153 people?!”  Imagine a stranger suddenly asking to live with you. What would you respond?  

     Of course it is good to see charitable people from around the world welcoming refugees to live with them, but the basic problem of refugees has not been solved. Millions of refugees are still waiting for rescue; millions of life jackets are still wet. 

     We know that war is the reason that causes this tragedy. People think that grabbing a gun is for their family, their country—or even for a better life. But after one pulls the trigger families will be broken apart and how many places completely destroyed! 

     Every single wet life jacket is telling us to do more than have compassion; it is telling us to end conflict. —Yuqi


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