Our colorful world


     Alona shares her special thoughts with us about this special video. Alona is a language expert working with grade school aged children in Ukraine. Her native languages are Ukrainian and Russian.


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THE first sentence in this video is: Imagine a world without color. I tried. Can you?

     It is really an incredible gift to be able to see color. We are used to it. But some people can see and feel more colors. They are artists, like the man in this video. Even one person can do a lot. If you want to change something you can do it if you really want to. One painter of Jalouzi [a poor city in Haiti] changed a whole mountain. Many children helped him. They were so happy to change the world around them. It means a lot to any of us. 

     It is very good when a child understands that if you try, you can change a life, you can change yourself, and you can make the world beautiful.

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