Finding my way in a new land

Jamshid's medal

Jamshid won a medal playing volleyball for his new school.





Photograph: Susan Stark

 Some of our student writers keep in touch with us by Skype. Recently the editor got a Skype call from Jamshid and happily typed this tale about his life in a new land as he told it. 

Story by Jamshid.  Native language, Pashto. 

I NOW go to school in Amman, Jordan, at the King’s Academy, but my home is Afghanistan. I like my school because it is not just for people from Arab countries. It is an international school and that is great. I like how much everyone helps us and how much I have learned. The teachers are always there to help. We can have as much help as we want. There are lots of schools here, but this one is supported by the King! 

     I am one of seven brothers and five sisters, and the only one of my parents who is well educated. Here I learn how can I be social and how can I trust people. I see how well organized King’s Academy is and how this system works in order to educate students.

      Jordan is quite different from my home. There are lots of deserts here. It is the second country in the world with the least water and so we are always thinking about water and how to care for it. Jordan is very modern, with modern shops, cars, and clothes, but it also has very, very old places. The government is well organized and I respect them for this. There are lots of plants and trees here but it is hard for them to grow well. There are rocks everywhere and the color of the ground is red. I can also say that it’s very hot here. 

     I like how this country has developed. Everything is very organized. But everything is really expensive!  

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