The ever brave wives




Here we share another very interesting story from our wonderful writer, Manizha, from Tajikistan.

THERE is a Russian film from Soviet Union times that I love and would like to tell you about.  It’s a very famous movie in Tajikistan, too. I think it was a favorite film of all Soviet people because it was based on a true story. It was called, “The Star of Captivating Happiness”. Even the name is beautiful.

    This film is about the wives of Decembrists. The Decembrists rose up against Tsar Nikolai I.  When they went against the tsar, five of them were executed and many others were sent to Siberia.  And all wives of those that were sent to Siberia went to Siberia with their husbands. Tsar Nikolai allowed them to go to Siberia but without their children. But they were not afraid of these difficulties and went with their husbands.  After some time, the tsar decided to send the children to their families in Siberia. 

     When I think about these women, I am very amazed how such gentle women could survive in such a difficult situation. These women taught children in a local school and opened libraries in different places where they were.  They helped improve the lives of the simple, ordinary people there.  After many years, the tsar decided to allow them to come back to St. Petersburg but several families did not come back and remained to continue their work and life there.

     I love this film because it’s a beautiful story and a powerful film adaptation of real life. In this film there is very beautiful music and wonderful actors. The film, I believe, shows what real love is. —Manizha

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