Apricots, figs and 7000 Mountains


Photo courtesy Manizha

Our new writer, Manizha, is from Tajikistan and speaks Tajik, Russian, and Italian in addition to learning English with The School Inside.  Here she shares the natural beauty of her country.  

TAJIKISTAN is a country with lots of mountains. Mountains cover 93% of the country.  There are many high and famous mountains and gorges. The highest peak is called Ismoil Somoni. Its height is 7495 metres. The beauty of mountain ranges with all their lakes and rivers is amazing and unique. It is really true that you can see 7000 mountains all around you.  I can see the mountains even from my window in the city.  They aren’t far from where I live but we do not go there now because I do not have a car.         

     When I was a child, we went outside the city very often with my parents and with my brother and sister.  My father had a car and all our family went in spring to gather tulips.  It was wonderful because it is a very beautiful place with fresh air, mountains, and mountain rivers. In the sky we could see eagles and other big birds, and sometimes we saw fox and often we saw wild grey rabbits. This place is called the Varzob Gorge. It is one of the most popular and famous places in Tajikistan.  There is a mountain river called Varzob River. It is very cold and fast, so you cannot swim in it. But in this gorge there is the lake called Varzob Lake. It is not a big lake and in summer people come here from the city to relax and swim. There are many villages in the mountains.  

    In Tajikistan there are also lots of apricot gardens. This is a very popular fruit.  All year there are people eating apricots. In summer we eat fresh apricots and in winter we eat dried apricots. Also, dried grapes are popular.  There are many fruit gardens here, like sweet cherry trees, plum trees, and fig trees. (Figs are very popular). 

      Near our apartment there is a very big fruit garden. In this garden there are apricots, figs, peaches, cherries, apples and pomegranates. I can see the trees and fruits from my window.   It is an amazing picture in the spring. [Manizha shared her view with us in the photo above.]

     If you help the gardener pick fruit, he lets you have some of the fruit.  You can earn fruit for helping him. For 10 kilograms that you pick, he gives 1 kilogram of fruit to you.  If you just want to buy fruits from the gardener he will sell you fruit for money.  At the market the fruit is more expensive than from the gardener.  Even the company where I work has a small fruit garden with apricots, peaches, figs, mulberries and pomegranates. The most delicious meals we have in summer - fresh fruit and hot bread.   —Manizha


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