Happily ever endings




This month Zumrad, from Tajikistan, was given the assignment to write a fairy tale.  Good job, Zumrad!

A LONG TIME AGO, there was a young prince who wanted to find a wife. The prince wanted a beautiful and kind wife but he also wanted her to be honest because it’s terrible living with a wife who is beautiful but isn’t honest. But how to find such a wife?

     The prince went to a far-off village because far-off villages in fairy tales usually have beautiful, honest girls living in them. There he met the most beautiful, elegant girl he had ever seen. And she was really honest! She was 16 and her name was Nikka. She had long, black hair. Her eyes were brown. When the prince looked at her, he knew this was the girl he wanted to marry. But this girl didn’t want marry him! She said, “You mut prove that you love me. You must kill a dragon before I will marry you.” 

     Of course, the prince wanted to please her, but he was terrified of dragons. So, he said to the girl, “OK, I will kill a dragon for you, but you must not watch me or it will be bad luck. Stay in your home and wait there until I bring you a dragon.” 

    As soon as Nikka went inside her home, the prince rushed to his best friend’s house. His friend’s name was Max.  They were friends a long time. The prince said to his friend, Max, “There is this WONDERFUL girl I want to marry, but she wants me to kill a dragon for her first. Go kill a dragon for me.  If you do, I’ll introduce you to her sister!”  Max agreed because he wanted help his friend. They got ready to go. They sought the biggest, strongest dragon in the kingdom and Max quickly killed him.  The prince was so happy.

    At the same time, Nikka was in her house looking out the window and saw Max, not the prince, kill the dragon. When the prince brought the dead dragon to her, Nikka said, “You told me you wanted a beautiful and honest wife but then you lied to me. I will NEVER marry you.” 

    Instead, the girl fell in love with Max.  She said, “I will marry you because you are strong, courageous, and a true friend.”   

     Soon Max and Nikka got married. The prince asked for forgiveness and was the best man at their wedding. At the wedding, the prince saw Nikka’s younger sister. The younger sister, Tikka, thought the prince was really wonderful because he asked for forgiveness, so Tikka married the prince. So, it was a happily ever ending.  Zumrad

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