Journey to Tajikistan (part 5): my famous uncle

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

This month, our good friend, Manizha, writes about her famous uncle.

MY father had a famous brother, but I never saw him because my uncle died in 1961 when he was 32. He was a famous writer. 
     My grandfather was a teacher and loved books. He dreamed that his son would become a writer and he named him in honor of his favorite writer – Tolstoy. His name was adapted to be Tolis. Now the name Tolis has become very popular. My uncle Tolis read a lot and always said that books are the greatest friends. He graduated from university and became a writer. He was the author of novels, short stories, fairy tales for children and did many translations of famous literary works. His works are studied in schools. A street in our capital and a school are also named after him.  —

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