Marking Women’s Day . . . with french fries

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This month one of our newest writers, Zumrad, from Tajikistan, tells us how she and her mother, Manizha (whom you all know from her regular stories) celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th. This is a big holiday in many countries.

YESTERDAY my mother, our friend, and I all went to
McDonald’s to celebrate Women’s Day!  I ordered chicken
strips and a vanilla shake. Usually I order chocolate, but they only had vanilla. After we ate, we walked across the bridge and went to a coffee shop. After that we went back home. It was a wonderful day. —Zumrad

Note. We couldn’t resist translating the poster that appears on the walls of some McDonalds in Tajikistan. The main language in Tajikistan is Russian. It’s spoken more than Tajik. Thus, the poster is in Russian and says:          
     “It’s allowed. You can take one without asking.”              
     Some things are so universal. . . .

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