Merchants from the East


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This month we’re happy to welcome a new writer to our InterestEng. family. Manizha is from Tajikistan and speaks Tajik and Russian in addition to learning English with The School Inside.  Her very first story takes us into the largest covered bazaar in Central Asia.  Welcome, Manizha! 

IN our city there is a big market. It is a biggest market in the  Republiс of Tajikistan. It was built in 1960s, but its history is much older. Оur ancient city stood on the way of the Great Silk Road. It was the center of trade for the whole region. Merchants from the East came here for trade and left us this great market. At that time, every week on Thursday was market day and so the name of the market became Panjshanbe which means, Thursday.
Panjshanbe is open almost around the clock and in the market it is possible to buy everything. This market is so big that it determines prices throughout the region.
     Near the market there is a big plaza with a fountain. People come here to rest, hear news of the city, or just walk around the market. I think this market is the most favorite place of citizens. 


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