Manizha is one of our newer writers. She is from Tajikistan and speaks not only Tajik and Russian, but also Italian in addition to learning English with The School Inside.  Manizha’s English teacher asked her to share a loved Tajik children’s fairy tale with readers.  It’s delightful!

Photo courtesy Hessam Hojati, Unsplash!


ONCE there was a couple who had no children. Оne day an old man knocked on the door and asked for a cup of water. The couple gave him both water and food. He promised in gratitude to fulfill their cherished desire. They asked for a child and soon they had a son, as small as a pea. And so they called him Peas. He grew up and worked each day to help his father. But one day, while he was working he was attacked by a wolf.  But when the wolf went to eat Peas, instead Peas got stuck between two of the wolf’s teeth! Now, every time whеn the wolf hunted, little Peas screamed and scared away all the animals. The wolf could not eat and became thin and frail.  Finally, the wolf begged Peas to leave him and Peas popped out of his mouth. — As retold by Manizha 

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