That’s A LOT of cake!

Manizha's Cake

Photo (and cake!) courtesy Manizha


Here we share another delightful story from our wonderful writer, Manizha, in Tajikistan.

I LIVE in a country that has two New Year’s celebrations. The first New Year’s celebration is December 31st. It the winter New Year and we like this holiday very much because it is like a real winter fairy tale. But we have a second New Year’s celebration. It is the spring celebration celebrated on March 21st. The symbol of the holiday is that nature wakes up and starts its new year and new life. The spring holiday is called Nowruz and means “new day”.  It’s a regional holiday in Central Asia and lasts 5 days!  This year, on the first day, I went with my daughter to a friend’s house and we ate a delicious cake with tea.  (Yes, we ate the whole cake!) And then my daughter and I went to the park to walk there and to look at the trees that are starting to get their first leaves. There were lots of people in the park and in all the cafés and restaurants. On the streets and in the squares, everywhere there were people!    

    The second day we had guests in our home. It was a husband and wife and their two daughters.  It was a very fun time.  We talked about everything and everyone and we laughed a lot.  My daughter, Zumrad, baked a cake with cherries and we ate the whole cake, except for one piece.  

     Technically, in the territories of the old U.S.S.R., we actually have a third New Year’s celebration! It’s in January and is observed by the church.  It’s called Old New Year’s because it uses the Julian Calendar. That celebration is January 13th.  So in my country we actually have New Year’s three times.  That’s a lot of cake!  —Manizha

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