The first dawn

Solaiman Hossen

Photo courtesy Solaiman Hossen, Unsplash!

Manizha has become one of our most prolific writers as she dives into the English language. Manizha is from Tajikistan and speaks Tajik, Russian, and Italian in addition to learning English with The School Inside.

MY high school prom was amazing, unforgettable and full of love.  It was held in the great hall of the school. Everyone came with their parents. The boys were in suits and the girls in pretty dresses. My lovely mom bought me a beautiful blue dress and white sandals.

    First there was a solemn part. We were congratulated and presented with practical, useful gifts. The boys received black notebooks and the girls received pink or red diaries. Then our very proud and delighted parents left and we stayed with our teachers to celebrate. On the tables were salads, meat, sweets, cakes, fruit and, of course, a large cake. We danced and ate until morning.  We had a lot of fun. 

     Then we all went together to meet the dawn, which we were waiting for all night. We looked at the rising sun and thought about our big, bold dreams. One of my friends wanted to be a doctor and now she is a doctor and lives and works in Germany. Another friend wanted to be an engineer. She lives in Russia and is an engineer there.  She was always very good in math!  My dream was big, too.  I wanted to be happy, of course, and successful.  I wanted to be a translator and also work with children.  

    For us that dawn was the first day of adult life.  —Manizha


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