The girl, the tire, and the little dog

Photo courtesy Emma Roorda, Unsplash!

A couple of months ago we welcomed Zumrad to our family of writers. Zumrad is from Tajikistan and learning English in school as well as through The School Inside. Our regular readers already know the wonderful stories of her mother, Manizha.  Here Zumrad shares with us a little story she wrote about the above photo.

ONE day a little girl with a pretty dress with lots of colors found a rubber tire. She took it with her left hand and rolled it in the long, green grass. When she looked at it she smiled and laughed out loud. She ran with the rubber tire until the tire found a little dog. When the little girl saw the little dog, she decided to take the dog home with her. The dog was white with long brown ears. 

     The little dog was happy, the little girl was happy, and the tire was happy. —Zumrad


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