The littlest snowman

Photo courtesy Bellava G., Unsplash!


I LIVE in Middle Asia, in Tajikistan. In our region there is no snow. Children dream to play in the snow and want to build a snowman. I remember when I was 8.  That year we thought there was a lot snow. I and my friends went to play in the snow and to build a little snowman.  We were so happy playing in the snow.  Our snowman was about 20 centimeters (7 inches) tall.  We just finished our snowman and a little boy saw us. He started to make snowballs and throw them at us! One of the snowballs hit our little snowman and he was gone.

     I am also sorry that there is not an ice place where I live because I want to ice skate, too. I and my mother like a well known ice skating program. One ice skater is a professional but the other skater is not professional. They ice skate to music. It’s a contest to see which skaters are the best. I always want my mother and I to see wonderful the things we haven’t seen.  

This is one performance from the skating program Zumrad was talking about. 

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