Then we ate our presents

Alona and Manizha.


The friendship between our two special writers, Alona from Ukraine, and Manizha from Tajikistan, continues through email. Both were raised in what was then the U.S.S.R.  Here Manizha shares a fond New Year’s Eve remembrance with Alona. (And Alona’s story to Manizha can be found here.) 

THE New Year holiday is my favorite holiday from my child- hood. Every year I waited for some miracle and now I am not a child, but I still wait for a miracle.

    When I was 8 years old, our New Year’s celebration was fantastic: just like a fairytale. That year, our relatives came to our home and so our home was full of children. Every child had a present of candies to give to all the other children. But the present that my family gave had not only had candies, but cookies and two or three oranges!  Since I was a child I have been crazy about oranges. And even now I’m crazy about them.

    At exactly 12 pm we celebrated the New Year by eating our presents.  And then . . . when
we looked out the window onto the street we saw that it was snowing!  It rarely snows in our region so, for me, this was my New Year’s miracle. All our family put on our coats and boots and went outside to play snowballs and to make a snowman. He was about 1 meter (about 3 feet) tall as I remember.  I ran back home and got a carrot for his nose and my brother found 2 little stones for the snowman’s eyes.  

     After that we went sledding! Everyone was happy. It was a fairy tale come true. —Manizha

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