My most wonderful gift


InterestEng. photo. Photo for illustrative purposes, not of the author’s son.


For many years Alona and her son, Andrei, have taken English lessons together.  Now Andrei is in his 1st year at university.  Alona continues her English lessons at home and contributed this story.  

I THINK the most wonderful gift I have been given is my son. It all began when I began to want a child. At that time I was just starting university with other young married women who also wanted to have children, or who had children. I heard many stories about how hard it was to be student, mother and wife at the same time!  Of course I didn’t know how I could do it all, but I didn’t care.  

     We waited more than a year for a child and when I knew that I would be a mom, I was the most happy woman on earth. Of course my husband was also very happy. I found a phrase on the internet, “The success of your children is far more important than your own success.”  I always believed that.  I had to study hard and keep a good home but I did everything I could to first be a good mom.  Every period in a child’s life is important and special.  You wait the first smile, then the first word spoken, the first step. It is all a gift. —Alona

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