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Nangi, Nepal.  Photo courtesy Karen.

When Anne from Ireland began to tutor teachers in Nangi, Nepal, she was determined to make the experience more than English lessons. They have built, as a result, a genuine friendship. Here Anne shares a touching letter about the incredible effort so many go to in order to speak English.  


Photo: Himanchal Education Foundation


I HAD a really good, unbroken internet connection and lesson with two of the Nangi teachers today. They work so hard and are always so cheerful after their long day in school. They are so agreeable and enthusiastic and seem to enjoy the lessons we do.     
      We worked overtime with their agreement, but then they had to go as they have a 40-minute walk home in the now shorter, darker evenings that are getting colder as well. And then have their other work to do.  That’s commitment! Their children are there too playing in the background so they are very busy ladies. 

P.S. Princhita, Hema’s 3 year old daughter, greeted me in English today!  

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