The note at the end of a long journey


Chia is on the far right. December 2019 concert in Italy.  Photos courtesy Chia.



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FOR six years all of us at InterestEng. have watched Chia grow up and have learned about his world through his wonderful musical stories.  
     His journey started with the Iraqi Youth Orchestra during the war (the orchestra was formed to bring musicians together from all the warring factions).  He then struggled to find a country and music conservatory that would accept him and allow him to follow his musical dream. Now, after a long journey of incredible courage, persistence, and unshaken love of life, Chia can speak 3 languages (Kurdish, Italian and English) and has performed with orchestras all over Europe.
     Last month, we had the great joy of receiving the following e-mail from him. We knew our readers would rejoice too.
     Congratulations, dear Chia!

     Hello my dear Mamosta (teacher),     
     In the spring I will be graduating from my music conservatory [in Italy] and will be playing my senior recital.  I wish you could come to hear it.  I have been accepted in the conservatory’s  Master’s program.  I am very excited and grateful. At this holiday period I have had so many concerts! I enjoyed most of them. But I have learned from all of them. We have been doing concerts for children, the community, and also for the president of the Republic of Italy.  It is a full life.
     With my love and respect,

For our readers, we have included the photos at the left of Chia as we’ve watched him grow as a musician and a man.


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