The Secret Garden rediscovered

The Gentle One recently discovered the loved children’s book, “The Secret Garden”.  She read the whole book in English (her first full book in English!) and then wanted to share the story with others.  The link to the actual story can be found after the Gentle One’s summary.

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MARY, her mother and father lived in Indian. Mary’s  father was an army officer from England. Her mother was very beautiful but didn’t like her daughter and always went to parties instead of caring for her. Mary was cared for by a nanny. Mary was very arrogant with her servants. Her parents always were busy and did not teach her well. 

     Then one year people began to get sick and die. Mary was forgotten by everyone. She was the only one who survived the sickness. Mary was then sent to live with her uncle in England. But it was a very big, strange and sad house. Her uncle was a hunchback and a very unhappy man because his wife died. He was afraid his son would be a hunchback too. 

     The senior house servant, Mrs. Medlock, did not like Mary and Mary did not like Mrs. Medlock.  But Martha was a young house maid and she was very kind. She cared for Mary and helped her. Mary became friends with Martha and her brother Dickon.  

     Then one day Mary heard someone crying.  She went to the room where she heard the cry. She saw a boy who was lying on a bed with a thin, but handsome, face and was crying with himself.  They learned they were cousins.  The boy’s name was Colin and everyone told him he was sick and would die.  But Mary didn’t believe it.   

   After that, Mary and Dickon became friends with Colin. Because of their love, Colin’s health became better. The children went to the secret garden that had once been Colin’s mother’s garden and they worked and played there like children should. But Colin’s father didn’t know any of this because he always traveled. He traveled because he was sad after his wife died and he was trying to run away from his sadness.

     But the day came when he returned home and found both his son and the garden alive again.  So a garden brought life where once there was none. — As retold by The Gentle One


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