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Once again we have a wonderful story from one of our special, long time writers from India, Nemaji. Thank you, Nemaji. 

THIS is a true story from my village. Ram and Sham were both brothers. Ram was Sham’s elder brother. Since Ram’s education was low, he used to do all the farming work. Sham was smart and had a good education so he got a government job.

     Both the brothers got married. After the marriage both the brothers started living separately. Both of them had a happy life. Ram had two children and Sham had one. Eventually, Ram’s wife died. Their children were small. A few days later, Ram remarried. He had two daughters by his second wife. Ram’s condition was a bit poor.
     Sham had a job so his condition was good. In order to help his younger brother, he took Ram’s son with him for education. The boy’s name was 
Santosh. The boy was very smart. He used to come first in the whole school. Sham thought “my nephew is very smart. I will pay the entire cost till he gets his job.”

     The days were passing like that. The boy was studying in a good school in the city. One day he suddenly came to the village and he started walking around the village and started spend- ing money. And he was refusing to go back for education. The family did not know what was going on in his mind. In a few days, they realized that he had stolen money from his uncle’s house in the evening. But he was lying to everyone saying, “I did not steal it.”

     Many of Santosh’s friends used to have money when he was in school. He used to think that he should have a lot of money and spend a lot like his friends. He was fascinated with money. His friends used to spend a lot of money at school. His uncle used to bring him a lot to eat but Santosh felt that you should pay for your own purchase. You should have a lot of money and you should spend it willingly.

     Forgetting everything that had happened, Sham tried to call him back to his home, but he did not return. He started associating with other bad boys in the village and he got addicted to other things. 

     In the end, Santosh was sorry for what he had done because those who stayed in school got good jobs whereas he had to work on the farm. Also he felt guilty for the rest of his life. His story teaches other children a lot. Don’t lie. You should speak the truth without hesitation.

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