Letter from Afghanistan

     Top photo, Kabul, 2020. Courtesy Nasim Dadfar, Unsplash!
     Bottom two photos, 2021, courtesy Sohaib Ghysai, Unsplash!

Freshta is a good friend of InterestEng as well as a university student working 2 jobs for news organizations in Kabul as a journalist!  Her days start early and end late at night. When we get news from her we always read it with much interest. She sent us this letter which we felt our readers would value as much as we did. Thank you, Freshta!

DURING this period, I am able to spend more time with my family, read books and enjoy every moment of life.
     Maybe you are following the news of Afghanistan. We still spend most of our time in sporadic wars and peace efforts. Family members are still worried when we are out of the house, but life is going on in Afghanistan and there is hope in everyone’s eyes. Everyone follows their dreams and hope to have a better tomorrow.  
     Please pray for the people of Afghanistan to live a peaceful life.  — Freshta


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