Retold Tales

Our wonderful writer, The Gentle Youth, was given a project to read old fairy tales and put a new ending on them. He chose these 3 classics. In the end, we think his versions are even more classic! 

Retold Tales by The Gentle Youth —



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ONCE upon a time there was a boy called Jack. He lived with his mom. They were very poor. All they had was a cow.
    One morning, Jack’s mother told him to take their cow to the market and sell her. On the way, Jack met a man named Ben. The man said he really needed a cow. Ben said to Jack, “I will give you these giant beans if you give me your cow. Take the beans to my friend Jerry. He will pay you for your cow.” 
Jack was a kind boy so he took the giant beans and gave Ben his cow. On the way to Jerry’s house, he met a girl and fell in love with her. The girl’s name was Sofia. He forgot all about his cow, the money and the beans. Sofia took a selfie and gladly went off with Jack to his house. He learned she was a princess but she ran away from her castle because her dad wanted her to marry a guy she didn’t love.
     When Jack brought the beans and Sofia home, Jack’s mother was really angry. She threw the beans out the window and told Jack and Sophia they were too young to get married. Jack’s mother told Sofia to be a good girl and go home to her father. But she let her stay the night so she wouldn’t have to walk home in the dark.
     The next morning Jack looked out the window. The beans had grown a giant bean- stalk because they were giant beans. But he couldn’t find Sofia anywhere because, in the night, a gigantic giant came down the giant beanstalk and stole Princess Sofia! Soon everyone heard about the giant beans, the gigantic giant and the poor, kidnapped princess.
The King said, “Whoever saves Sophia will get 1000 gold coins!”   
      Jack decided to go to the giant’s house because Jack really loved Sofia and needed the money. 
     He started up the beanstalk. When he got to the top, right away he found the giant’s house. (It was big so it wasn’t hard to find.) Jack found Princess Sofia and they quickly climbed down the beanstalk. Giants can’t run fast so they made it to the bottom before he did. 
Then Jack’s mother took an axe and cut down the bean-stalk. Thanks to Jack’s mother, the gigantic giant was stuck in the clouds forever. The king cancelled his daughter’s mar-riage to the guy she didn’t love. He gave Jack his daughter and the money. Jack was happy, his mother was happy, and princesses everywhere were happy because, after that, there were no more arranged marriages allowed in the kingdom.


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ONCE upon a time there were three billy goat brothers who lived on a farm. There was little billy goat gruff, middle billy goat gruff, and great big billy goat gruff, the largest of all. They lived with their farmer but he was lazy and didn’t give the brothers enough good grass and water.
     The goats knew there was a place across the river that had lots of good, green grass. But they knew the farmer was too lazy to take them there so the goats got an idea. They went to the farmer and said, “If you take us to the place across the river, we’ll give you lots of milk that you can SELL!
    “Sell?” said the farmer. The farmer was suddenly happy since he really wanted a new house. But there was a problem. To get to the place with good grass, they had to cross a bridge. It was dangerous because a big, green, scary, gross troll lived below the bridge. His favorite thing in the whole world to eat was gruffy billy goats.
     So the farmer said to the troll, “Don’t eat my goats! Let them cross your bridge and eat the grass on the other side. If you do, I’ll give you much tastier food than tough goats and you’ll never be hungry again. And since you’re so scary, if you scare off wild animals so they won’t hurt my goats, I’ll make you a little house so you won’t have to live under the leaky bridge anymore.”
     The troll happily agreed because there was a secret he hid from the farmer. Trolls aren’t meat eaters! They’re vegetarians. But he never told anyone that because people would laugh at him. Even more, he was really lonely and wanted a house so he could have friends. So the farmer built him a house, the goats moved in with the troll, they all ate vegetables and lived forever happy.



ONCE upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a true princess.  

     One day a girl came to the castle wearing very dirty clothes because it was raining hard and she got lost walking in the woods.  
     The prince opened the door and said, “Who are you?” 

     The girl answered, “I’m a princess. I was hiking with my friends and I got lost. Please can I come in from the rain?”

     The prince said, “Why should I let you in? You’re all wet and dirty. We only let princesses in.”

      The princess answered, “You should let me in because I’m a person, that’s why! If you let me come in my father will reward you.”  

     Just then the prince’s mother came to the door and said, “Yes! Come in, come in! You can stay here for the night if you want.”

    The prince whispered, “But mother, if she isn’t a true princess then what? She won’t want to leave and we’ll be stuck with her.” 

    The queen said, “Don’t worry. I know how to find out if she’s a real princess. A true princess behaves properly at all times.” 

    The next day the queen began to test the princess. For breakfast she gave her food that’s very difficult to eat: little peas that roll all over your plate. The princess ate just like other girls and lots fell on the floor.

     The queen decided to give her another chance because she really wanted to find a wife for her son. So she asked her to dance with the prince. Instead of dancing like a pro-per princess she flew all over the room like a wild bird and scared the prince half to death! The queen and prince told her to leave immediately before she broke something.

     As the princess was leaving, suddenly a man with a lot of bodyguards came to the castle. The man was the King of Half the World and also the princess’s father!

     The princess turned to the shocked queen and prince and proudly said, “Well, now what do you think of me?” 

     Before they could answer she said, “Papa, tell all your kingdom that no one should ever marry this heartless prince ever!”

     The King did what his daughter said so the prince lived alone with his mother all his life dreaming of a true princess.

     The moral of the story is: girls don’t have to be perfect to be princesses.

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