Growing up

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LIFE, I’ve learned, is a field where things are gained and lost. Sometimes we need to leave things and people that we love. We don’t want to leave them, but we should leave them to grow up. Sometimes it’s necessary to leave them to become successful. We lose a lot of things every day.  For example, we leave behind good days in the hope of better days.  We leave our childhood with the hope of being able to stand on our own two feet in life.  But we are unaware that we are leaving unreasonable joys, the things we can’t enjoy again as we did in childhood. When we were children we enjoyed small things and little gifts. But when we become older, we want more. We want everything for ourselves. We don’t enjoy the small things we loved in childhood. 

    So I’ve learned that growing up is painful.  When we grow up we have a responsibility to ourselves, our family, and our community. Our family and the community look at us with hope. Growing up, we have to carry the burden of life. We no longer grieve over small things and cry over things that have lost their value. Our dolls of childhood are no longer important.  We step into a bigger world. Our toys change, our hobbies change and, most importantly, our outlook and interests change.  

    Everyone wants to choose their own criteria for their way of life. And every one should choose her or his own way. We shouldn’t let others decide our what or tell us what is better for us. It is best when we can choose our own way.    — Afghan Journalist of Hope

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