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Below is a story-game called “Fairy Sails”. The teacher begins a story, “sails” it across the internet to the student who picks up the story and finishes it. 

IT was almost summer vacation. Mikla [a toy bear] was excited.  He said . . .    

“This summer I’m going to the river and catch a 


     Then Mikla said, “If I catch a fish, what will I do with it? I don’t like fish. I know! I will go to Matvey’s grandfather’s house and take some honey. Then we will eat fish with honey!” 

    But suddenly Mikla thought, “If I eat fish with honey, the honey will taste like fish! Who wants honey that tastes like fish?! What should I do?” So he asked his friend Matvay how to solve his problem.

    “Mikla, you can give the fish to Musya [the cat]. She will eat the fish and you and I will eat the honey!” 

    “So,” said Mikla slowly, “I won't eat any fish. That’s good. But I have to share the honey with you?” 

    Matvay smiled and said, “Don’t worry, if you do good, it will always come back to you, Mikla.” 
                                                            — Matvay, Mikla and Musya

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