The value of life

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Two sisters shared this wise, old Afghan story with us and their ideas about it.

ONCE upon a time a father and his son were walking down the street. The son asked his father about the value of life. His father took a stone out of his pocket and said, Go to the stationary shop and ask them how much they will give you for it.  The boy did so.

     They said, “We can buy it for 5 cents.”

     Then the father saidGo to the ceramic shop and ask the same question.  They looked at the stone and told the boyIt is a hard stone so we can buy it for 5 dollars. 

     A third time the father asked the boy to go to a jewelry store and ask them about the price of the stone. This time when the shopkeeper checked the stone, he saidWow! It is a very precious diamond and I can buy it for five million dollars. 

     The boy was surprised when he came back to his father. His father told the boy with a smileThe value of life depends on what shop you are in.

    Where must I go to find the value of my life?

    • We should go to the place where we belong. We should be in the place where we feel the best because our values match the values of the people in that place.

    • We should value our lives like we were in the diamond shop. We would love ourselves and love others as we would be loved. We must live like we were in the diamond shop and not in the cheap 5 cent shop.  Go to the place where you can be your best.

Two Afghan Sisters

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