My fat cat


Mikla (the bear), Matvae, and Musya


This is the now the 3rd English story Matvae has ever written in his entire life, thanks to all of you who wrote fan letters. They made him very happy. Matvae is from Russia and learns English in school as well as with his English tutor.

I HAVE a cat. Her name is Musya.  She likes to eat and sleep.  She doesn’t play. Just sleep. She likes to say, “Hello!” to every-one. But sometimes she can bite if a guest scares her. Then the guest is not happy and Musya is angry.
     Most of all I like everything about Musya.  She is gray and very, very, very, very, very fat.  And fluffy.  She sleeps on my bed. 

                                                                         —Matvae, 4th grade

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