Snow art

Snow art and photo by Janne Pyykko

Zumrad is from Tajikistan. You all know her mother who writes wonderful stories about Tajikistan for us.  Zumrad is in 10th grade and learns English in school and also with The School Inside. She is fluent in Russian and Tajik.  
     Zumrad read a story about the above piece of snow art in Finland. It is the largest snow art ever made in Finland.  It took an artist and 11 helpers two days to make and thousands and thousands of steps wearing snow shoes. 

Teacher: Do you think this is “real” art because, after all, it will not last.

Zumrad: I think this is real art because people and artists made it. They needed to think carefully to make it.  They needed talent to make it.

Teacher: Is it foolish to make art that doesn’t last? One hour after being made it could snow, or a strong, Arctic wind could blow it all away.

Zumrad:  It is important because the artist expressed his imagination, emotions, and feelings to make it. It is not important if it disappears after one hour. It is important that the artist and other people received pleasure from doing it. That is art.


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