The kind lady who came to my shop

Photo courtesy Annie Spratt, Unsplash!


This month we see once again why the Gentle One has so many visitors to her shop.

TODAY in the afternoon, about 4:30, a very kind old woman came into the shop.  After she said “Hi” and “How are you?” I also said, “I’m fine and how are you?”  She said, “I want a large scarf for my daughter-in-law. I want a very beautiful scarf with light colors.”

    I showed her different scarves and she asked about the cost. 
I said that one scarf was 1700 rupees 
($11) and one was 1500 rupees ($9.30) and one was 1600 rupees ($10).  She asked me if I could give her a discount.  I said, “Yes. Why not?”  Then she said she liked the one that was 1700 rupees. I discounted the scarf 200 rupees and sold it for 1500.  She was very happy and bought the scarf and said, “Goodbye”.  

    I said “Goodbye” and asked her to please come again to my shop. She answered she would come again!  —The Gentle One 

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