A complete woman

Photo courtesy, Unsplash!

We have another wonderful contribution from our African writer, Ina Mina, whose native language is French.

WHEN I see this picture it reminds me when I used to husk corn at home together with my brothers and sisters.  It was always fun because after that, when we finished, we would dive our hands inside the bag of corn and play with it.  We would pretend we were swimming. We loved to do that. 

     I see joy and happiness on this lady’s face even though it’s hot and hard work and even though she is sitting on the ground.  You see her beautiful and clean clothes.  It says she has self-esteem. Everything in the picture is clean: her bag, her clothes, her face and hands. She is proud of herself. I see the scarves on the ground and when she is done working, she will wrap them around her head according to her tradition. This picture shows she is a complete woman.  —Ina Mina


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