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Our wonderful writer, The Gentle Youth, here shares a story about a very special and proud moment. We congratulate both him and his mother, The Gentle One. 

LAST Friday, our teachers held a program for our graduation from school. They held the program in one of the colleges near us because the college has a bigger hall than our school. One of our teachers told me and my friend that we should decorate the college stage for our function.

     My best friend and I went to some shops for equipment such as curtains, balloons, flowers, and tables. Then we took all the equipment to the college and we decorated the stage. After that, when all of things were ready for function, a few hours later some special guests came from our local Consul and also the families of the students came.

     Some students read the Quran and some of them did entertainment. Then a teacher and one of the consul men gave us our diplomas. It was a good and memorable day for me and my friends.  —The Gentle Youth

MY son’s graduation celebration was last Friday. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate because I had to work. When at 9 o'clock I went home, I saw my son’s diploma, cup, gift and his percentage of scores. I was very happy because all of them were a surprise for me. Then I became very grateful to God because I am alive and saw my son graduate with a high position from school.  
                                                                      — The Gentle One

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