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D&E 5:19 - Version 2

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A recent InterestEng. lesson that taught the teacher a lot.

Teacher:  Today we’re going to practice . . .

Student:  Excuse me, but today I want to be teacher.

Teacher:  Alright. What are we going to do?

Student:  We’re going to make a new language. We’ll put half a word in your language with half a word in my language and make new words. Then people in your country and my country can understand each other.  OK?

Teacher:  Really?  What a good idea.  Can you give me an example?

Student:  Sure!  You say “chocolate”.  We say “shocolad”.  Together it makes “chocolad”. That’s what I say to my parents now. “I want some chocolad, please!” Isn’t it great? [Student laughs.]  Now it’s your turn.

Teacher:  Hmmm.  OK.  You say “harasho” and we say “good”.  Together that makes “harahood”.

Student:  Pretty good.  It would be better if it was “goosho”.  My turn.  We say “precrasnie”.  You say “wonderful”.  Together that makes “wondernie”  This is wondernie, isn’t it?!

Teacher: Yes, it is very wondernie.  Thank you.

Student:  That’s “spaseeyou”.  

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