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Tikshna is a very special, and amazingly wise, young man from Nepal and our newest writer. He and his English tutor have been reading (in English!) the French classic, The Little Prince. The book led to the discovery of the Mars One project which Tikshna writes about here.  Welcome, Tikshna!   

WHEN  I learned about the Mars One project it was one of the most mind bubbling, crazy things I’d ever heard! When I read of the idea of making a colony on Mars, I thought, “They’re talking about impossible things out of nowhere on some God level!”  I mean, it sounded like they were trying to “play God”.

     But when I learned more details, I learned that it was a project planned for a long time with great ideas—things I hardly can imagine and understand. I was convinced from those facts that it is possible to put people on Mars and that they were not joking. They’re trying to create a whole new home on a new planet where life is possible. Is that good?  If it is good for humanity, then I definitely believe that it is good and a great step.

     We ruined our home planet due to lack of foresight and wisdom in the past. Of course, a lot of people had wisdom in past, but they were not the people who had power.  But I think these people have great vision, and thoughts and wisdom, and the will to do it. True wisdom is not easily acceptable and understandable by people in general and that is why wise people never have power.  They are not understood, because such wisdom does not come from obvious facts or research. It needs to be understood deeply.

     For example.  Think of those scientists who found fossil fuels and their various uses. They were highly intelligent people of great mind to find such things. But if they had great vision too they would have not introduced plastic and fossil fuels at all to the world. The effect of plastics ruined our earth. We would have never used them if such scientists and people with power had true vision. They would not have introduced such harmful fuel to the world and this problem we are facing today would not have appeared. If they truly had great vision, as well as wisdom, they would have searched bio-favourable fuels without introducing plastic.  

     With great vision, science can do great things, but not without wisdom. —Tikshna

     The first video is the Mars One Project, which has not substantially progressed since 2012, with some early participants now claiming that it was a marketing hoax. However, the second video is current, actual work being accomplished by Space X in bringing us closer to landing on Mars.

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